JFS 2022 Program

JFS 2022 Program

License Program

The corn products listed in this seed guide have been evaluated in several areas by independent sources and have been advanced to a commercial level. You must have a license with JFS and Associates, LTD. to market these genetics. Once you obtained a license to market this material, purchased seed stock, and either produced your own hybrid seed or purchased it wholesale, you will owe a royalty fee on each unit that you sell. When you obtain your license, you will receive a list of royalty rates for the hybrids and a seed stock price listing for each inbred.

For some of the JFS hybrids, wholesale supplies exist in the market. Permission from JFS must be granted for any customer to buy or sell wholesale seed. One can contact the office using the phone numbers listed on the cover for availability.

Field Day – Wednesday, September 21, 2022

All the commercial white and yellow corn products are available for observation in demo plots located at Harlan, Iowa. You can either call for an appointment to get a personal tour, or you can attend the Field Day. The field day is planned for Wednesday, September 21 at the Harlan Research Plot in Harlan from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Numerous new white and yellow corn hybrids are also on display for those that want to see the future products. The inbreds are also available for observation for those who are currently clients or for prospective clients. A separate appointment is recommended for those type of tours. Phone numbers are listed on the front cover.

Field Day Program

  • Corn Hybrid Demonstration
  • Discussion of potential new co-products with an end-user
  • Fertilizer trial – impact on product performance and Carbon Intensity

JFS – Distributor of Foliar Fertilizer

JFS is now a distributor of a foliar fertilizer that contains kelp and several micro-nutrients along with N, P, and K. JFS tested this material on soybeans last year and found a significant yield advantage. Several years ago, I did several studies on just the extracts from kelp, and I found good results on corn, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, and cucumbers. The name of the foliar fertilizer is Triple 5+, and it is applied at the rate of 24 to 32 ounces per acre. At the maximum rate, it costs $20.00 per acre. The best time to apply the foliar fertilizer to corn is during the first 30 days as the growth hormones from the kelp promotes good root development that not only increases root access to nutrients, but also helps in time of environmental stress like drought. Since ear size is determined early in the life cycle of corn, it can help maintain optimum genetic potential of ear size. For soybeans, the foliar fertilizer should be applied just when the plants start to flower.


We are passionate about the products we have to offer and want to ensure that you are as happy about the outcome of your fields as we are!


We have been focused on developing material that fits specific needs identified by growers, tortilla companies, commercial end-users, and seed companies.


JFS & Associates develops proprietary corn genetics for clients in organic, non-gmo and traited corn varieties.


Domestic and international cooperative agreements to develop and market yellow corn hybrids combining their genetics with that of JFS & Associates.


with over 120-130 white hybrids and 70-80 yellow hybrids, our product catalog contains a wide variety of inbreds and hybrids for the seed industry.