Welcome to JFS and Associates

In the middle of the heartland, JFS and Associates, LTD, a family-run business has been busy creating and staying above the edge of the next generation of white and yellow corn inbreds and hybrids for the seed industry.

JFS and Associates, LTD is home to corn breeding and product development for clients driving white hybrids and yellow hybrids. Our facility normally consists of 120-130 white hybrids and 70-80 yellow hybrids. Please visit our hybrid guide for a list of hybrids that could work for you and having the diversity of material to enable us to create new products that fit your needs is perfect! Hybrids currently growing in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, California, Arizona, Nebraska, Indiana, Germany, Romania, South Africa, China, Libya, Korea, Chile, Brazil, Egypt, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.



Non-GMO white corn hybrids that can reduce alkaline cooking temperatures, cook time and steep times in tortilla and masa processing procedures.

High protein white corn hybrids where the protein can be extracted and used to replace fish meal in fish farming operations.

High protein white hybrids that have the potential to improve ethanol co-products and profit.

Three white corn hybrids approved by Azteca Milling for snack food processing.

High yielding non-GMO white and yellow corn hybrids for central Mexico and the USA.